More events should have splash zones

So I went with Em to the SaVRID meeting last night. It was delivered almost entirely in ASL. In short, this was not a meeting I expected to understand.

At one point, a lady got up and was given flowers. Everyone waved their hands in the air (I think that is ASL for clapping. Either that or "whoopty doo!") Then the person giving her flowers signed something, and from the context I took it to be an explanation of why she was given flowers.

Apparently, this woman was thinking very hard. And she was driving. Then she went over something. Then she went over something else. Then BAM! one-two-three-... she ran over a crowd of people. And for this, we're giving her flowers.

Or at least that's what someone who knows four words in ASL understood. I really should join this society.

[for more xkcd, click here]


Jessie said...

Your comment on my blog was worth reading aloud to a room full of people. So thanks for that :)

Aaron Baker said...
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